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Protection by Guard dogs

The Kennel centre provides security services of protection of industrial and civil establishments by guard dogs.
  • Establishments protection by patrol and sentry dogs (warehouses, bases, terminals, industrial premises, country cottages and living buildings).
  • Escort and protection of freight, property and values during transportation.
  • Security ensuring while holding sporting mass events, conferences, meetings, festivals, etc.

Working hours: from 9 through 17 daily.

Contact information:

Security services of industrial and civil establishments protection by guard dogs (495) 79037-82

Transportation scheme

During its operation, Kennel Centre "Ataman"s SPECIAL CANINE SERVICE of protection of different property forms establishments has accumulated rich experience in using guard dogs.

The following departments of canine training are established at our centre:
  • explosives detection,
  • sentry and patrol guard.

Finding a proper candidate for the canine expert position is not easy, only a small portion of candidates pass the selection. Since not everybody possesses particular skills required for working with guard dogs, experience, a dog in possession, and professional training are welcomed.

For the Centres needs, about 60 persons of our staff have taken courses and passed certification at the "Cynology and Security" Department of Security and Law Academy.

At present, there are as many as 97 dogs in use at the Cynologic service. Caucasian police dogs and Central Asian police dogs are the primary breeds for guard service; German shepherds and Alsatians being primary breeds for use in patrol service.

For mining-research service (МРС) needs we use different breeds such as small spaniels as well as German shepherds and Labradors.

The Centre has a good training complex. Our pets are fed with fodders produces by a French company Flatazor.

The sports team of KBC "Ataman" have taken part in the national trainings schools (protection and sentry service (ОКД), defence and sentry service (ЗКС) Russian Championship held on the territory or our Centre.

Our dogs are used in a variety of specific fields: patrol service, objects guard (storage facilities, building sites, buildings, installations, territories, cottage settlements, etc.) as well as explosives detection on the ground, in the buildings, and in vehicles.

The dogs are certified by the Council of Experts and Consultants. The commission consists of directors of cynologic departments of Federal Security Service of RF, Emergency Control Ministry of RF, Ministry of Internal Affairs of RF.

Guarding on a mobile post

For this kind of work, dogs are given a work out to the following skills:
  • bark warning about somebody approaching the post;
  • indifference to shooting and other loud audible irritants;
  • refusal of food offered or put stealthily by outsiders;
  • protection of the post against penetration of one, two and more trespassers.

A dog is put on the post in the nighttime or non-office hours. The length of the object is up to 80 m.

Guarding a stationary post:

Guarding a stationary post implies protection of small sites of territory (gates, doors, windows, etc.) against penetration of outsiders. The radius under protection is up to 5 metres.

The period of training of guard dogs constitutes 3 months.

One instructor can train up to four dogs.

Free guarding:

On free guarding, dogs not being on a leash control particular territory or premises at a rate of 500 m2 per dog. Using two or more dogs simultaneously is the most effective method, the protected territory increasing.

Free guarding is recommended in a case of territories or warehouses, industrial and shopping premises enclosed with a fence by perimeter.


Patrolling is guarding of territories and premises by a dog under a direct control of the instructor.

For this kind of work, the dog must pass courses of obedience, protection, and search of objects for outsiders revealing.

Procedure of signing a contract:

Experts visit the object and make an examination of the object:
  • Location of the object;
  • The necessary number of posts for effective protection;
  • The site to place dog-houses;
  • The clients preferences;
  • Working up a business offer of the object protection and rendering it to the client.
  • Signing a contract.
  • Selection dogs for a given object and giving instructions by dogs experts.
  • Organization and ensuring protection of the object.

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